Never Ignore Your Painful Varicose Veins Problem

Never Ignore Your Painful Varicose Veins Problem

If you are suffering from painful varicose veins, then it can be a serious issue which you cannot just brush aside. You may find skin infection or blood clot is being formed on the affected areas. In such situation, you must consult your doctor for necessary treatment.

If you don’t pay any attention to your painful varicose veins condition then it may slowly worsen and certain new complication may develop. In certain cases, you may also have to do enlever une varice.

Following problems may develop if you ignore painful varicose veins problem.

Leg swelling

When the pressure is build-up within the veins, fluid of the blood may leak into various other tissues surrounding it and as a result, there can be swelling in the leg. When you remove your socks then you will find very tight sensation on the skin. Also, you may find difficulty in wearing the shoes. There can be yellowish fluid leaking out of the skin. In due course of time the color of the skin may change.

Skin ulcers

If the swelling condition remains for a pretty long time then in due course of time the color of the skin may change. In such situation, if you suffer any minor injuries then your skin will not heal properly. That is because the flow of oxygen and nutrients is limited in the affected tissues. If they remain untreated for a long time then it can become a non-healing type of ulcer.

Skin infection

Due to swelling the skin on the affected areas will get stretched which will reduce its defence mechanism against any type of infection. Bacteria present within the skin can easily create certain infection on the skin. The affected area may become red and warm and therefore you will need medicine for treating your skin infection. If the swelling can be reduced then too skin infection can be treated.


When varicose veins occur then larger amount of blood is accumulated under the skin. In case, the vein gets damaged then there can be excessive bleeding and it may take much longer time to stop bleeding if any injury takes place.


There can be blood clot developed in a varicose vein. Usually, it is observed that around 3% of people who are having varicose veins can develop blood clots. The affected area becomes too painful, warm to touch and the veins can become hard.